Saba Business Association voices Concerns about slow IND Procedures

The Bottom, Saba – Recently the Saba Business Association (SBA) held a meeting with the Executive Council regarding several issues.

One of the concerns of the SBA is the continued slow procedure of the IND pertaining to hiring personnel from abroad. With Saba being such a small market, hiring personnel abroad is practically inevitable. In addition, concerns were voice about the fact that quite a few businesses are in arrears where tax payments are concerned, resulting from closed borders due to the pandemic.

Hospitality sector

With an eye on opening the borders and having tourists come back to the island, it will hinder especially the hospitality sector from hiring new personnel to be able to serve returning tourists as the IND does not honor any requests unless the company is in good standing at the tax department. The Executive Council has promised to look into this extremely urgent matter as they agree that no stone should be left unturned to stimulate the economy of Saba.

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