Saba formalizes project to reach 90% renewable energy production

THE BOTTOM – Saba and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) have officially joined forces to launch the Phase 3 Renewable Energy Project, marking a significant step toward Saba’s goal of achieving 100% renewable energy generation. The project, which includes solar energy, battery storage, and wind energy generation, will be located on the island’s eastern side. 

With a planned capacity to produce nearly 90% of Saba’s energy locally from resilient sources, this initiative aims to reduce reliance on costly fuel imports and lower emissions substantially. The project will create jobs and contribute to Saba’s reputation as a green and sustainable destination. 


Ultimately, it’s anticipated to eliminate 1.2 million liters of fuel consumption annually and cut CO2 emissions by 5.7 million kg. This innovative effort demonstrates Saba’s commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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