Saba Island Council meets Political Parties and Government Organizations in the Netherlands

The Bottom, Saba – On Thursday, June 24th, members of the Island Council arrived in the Netherlands for planned meetings with various political parties and government organizations. Friday, June 25th, they visited the exhibition on Slavery at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and also prepared for meetings for the following week.

On Monday, June 28th, the week began with a training session on civil participation and leadership. The presentation showed different possibilities to involve the population in a decision-making process.

In the afternoon, the Council again traveled to Amsterdam to meet with a delegation of the Dutch Central Bank, where discussions were held about the issues surrounding the local banking system, services, and long-term solutions to improve banking on Saba.

Later in the afternoon, the members met with the Member of Parliament for D66, Jorien Wuite, where ideas and bottlenecks that impact Saba were discussed.

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