Saba’s Governor Johnson Happy with Vaccination Campaign

Resident number 1200 was vaccinated on Saturday morning. Photo: Saba Health Care Foundation.

The Bottom, Saba- Governor Jonathan Johnson looks back with satisfaction on the vaccination campaign on the island.

“Let me start by sending a big congratulations to the community. We have accomplished some amazing things together. The policies, safety protocols, and even the vaccination rollout would have never been successful without the community as a whole working together”.

Johnson said that on Friday a total of 1160 persons were vaccinated, which he called ‘incredible’.


Those who have not been vaccinated as of yet could do so on a ‘walk-in’ basis on Saturday and on Monday. “On Monday, between 10 AM and 6 PM, you can still walk in with your ID card to get vaccinated. Don’t forget to wear a short-sleeve shirt, to make the process as smooth as possible”, said Johnson.

Johnson also said that a big thank-you was in order for the Public Health Department, the Saba Healthcare Foundation, and the many volunteers who helped with the vaccination campaign on the island.

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