Saba’s Island Governor address for Monday, February 15th

The Bottom, Saba – Saba should receive the vaccines on Friday the 19th. From Monday the 22nd, we will start our week-long vaccination campaign. We have close to 1200 registered for the vaccine; I am happy with this as it shows we Saban’s have trust in the information provided by our healthcare workers and are making use of the opportunity to move closer to life as we knew it before COVID-19.

Also good to know that Public health Saba and Saba healthcare are continuing the training of volunteers and healthcare staff for the many different roles needed for the vaccination campaign. Only qualified nurses and doctors can give the actual vaccinations. To the people in our community who still haven’t made up their minds about the vaccine or have decided not to get vaccinated, I say to you, trust your doctors, trust the science or trust your loved ones who have already made the decision.

In this technological age and time, everything moves faster. Now we can send emails and not post a letter, we can video call with family and friends all around the world, so it would make sense that the scientist, researchers, and doctors came up with a vaccine in record time and unlimited resources. A vaccine is not a cure, but it sure can make a difference.

As Saba healthcare and public health saba need time for planning and logistics, they must have a good scope of how many people have to be vaccinated. For that reason, the registration will close tomorrow at noon. Unregistered persons will still have an opportunity to get vaccinated on the catch-up days later in the week, but there may be longer waiting times, and there is a small chance there will not be sufficient vaccines in the first shipment.If you plan on taking the vaccine but haven’t registered as yet, I urge you to please do so.

To those who have registered already, we thank you, and you will receive an invitation for a day and time later this week.

Life as we knew it is changed, but the vaccine is a new hope to move forward from things like quarantine, for example.

If you have concerns about the vaccine and your health, please contact the vaccine hotline at 4165373 or a doctor.

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