Saba’s Scholarship Agreement with Lipscomb University renewed

The Bottom, Saba- The Public Entity Saba and Lipscomb University from Nashville, Tennessee have extended their collaboration with the signing of a four-year scholarship agreement. This agreement succeeds the first one of May 2017.

The scholarships agreement, signed by Saba Commissioner of Education Bruce Zagers and Lipscomb University Vice President for Enrollment Management Byron Lewis earlier this month, supports Saban students who are approved for their study grant at the Dutch Education Execution Department DUO and who enroll at Lipscomb University.

The scholarship agreement is valid for four successive academic years, from 2021 up to an including 2025. Under the agreement, Lipscomb University will match the study grant that Saban students receive from DUO. Saban students who enroll at the university receive a one-time gift from the Public Entity Saba in the form of a laptop.

The university provides assistance to the Saban students, including securing adequate living facilities during their period of study and transportation to and from the airport at the beginning and conclusion of each semester.

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