Scooter collision Kaya Nikiboko North Bonaire

Kralendijk – On Monday 19 October, a collision took place on the Kaya Nikiboko North at about 21:00. The driver of a scooter looked back because he had dropped  something and lost his balance and hit the wall of the fence of  the house. The driver suffered abrasions and was taken to hospital by ambulance for medical treatment and monitoring. As a recent collision, the scooter’s engine oil ended up on the road surface and sand had to be sprinkled over it.

Information on declaration

KPCN asks principals  to share information about a case-by-case fact with the police and then await the final information about the result. This  process may look like a long way, but is the only one right. By sharing information on various media, the investigation of a case can be enormously  influenced even in a not positive way. They ask you to take this into account.

Did you see anything suspicious? Call 911 or 717 8000 or the anonymous tip line 717 7251.

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