Scubaqua has been upgraded to a prestigious 3-Star Good Travel Seal Certification

Scubaqua has been upgraded to a prestigious 3-Star Good Travel Seal Certification

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Once again, congratulations are extended to local dive shop, Scubaqua, who has now been upgraded to a 3-star certified business by the Good Travel Seal. They were the first business on the island to achieve this certification, initially with a 2-star rating. Scubaqua have since then upgraded to meet additional Good Travel Seal requirements, after which they achieved a 95% compliant score thereby earning them a coveted 3-Star rating. The company’s Mike Harterink said, “We did not settle for ‘just’ 2 stars so after a few discussions they awarded us 3!!”

To be granted such a high rating, Scubaqua’s online and onsite processes were audited by the Good Travel Seal qualifying body. The resulting assessment showed that Scubaqua has sufficiently adopted the required sustainability conventions up to a 95% level of compliance.

In addition to the prestigious 3-Star rating, Scubaqua was also the recipient of the Virus Aware Seal. This Seal indicates to the general public that the business is fully committed to Covid-19 recovery strategies and that they adhere to all Government protocols to prevent the transmission of viruses. Scubaqua will now be listed on the Sint Eustatius page of the Good Travel Guide.

The Good Travel and Virus Aware Seals are ecolabels focused on sustainability, health and safety. The achievement of high certification rates by our local businesses will boost eco-travellers’ confidence in Statia as an environmentally conscious destination. Our presence on the Good Travel Seal website, and also having these Seals prominently displayed inside our local businesses and on their websites will be beneficial to us as we seek to attract more visitors to our island.

We are reminding businesses who have not yet done so, to get certified.

For information, contact Statia Tourism Office +599-318-2433/+599-318-2107.

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