Sea turtle night patrol and nest excavation Statia

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – The public was invited to join the Sea Turtle Conservation Team every Friday for a night patrol along Zeelandia Beach from 8:30pm until early morning. A few such nights passed without any activity spotted, then the curfew happened.

The team knows the approximate time that hatchilings will emerge and head to sea. They also know when that time has passed. The public was also invited to join the team while they excavated the different nests to help any stragglers left behind. There are a few more opportunities to see these nest excavations.

Although the season should be coming to an end, the team estimates there are about 12 more nests that are to hatch, one of which may even hatch in January. So far, 18 nests have emerged and over 2000 hatchlings have already made it to sea!

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