Second day on Bonaire with no New Covid-infections

Kralendijk- The last few days have been very kind to Bonaire when it comes to new Covid-19 infections. Just as was the case on Saturday, October 11th, Sunday there were zero new Covid-infections.

The other good news is the fact that the number of active Covid-19 cases on the island has dropped a bit more, to a total of 38 cases.

Doctor Marian Luinstra-Passchier who is assisting local Government, warned against too much optimism. “The fact that we see less positive cases may mean there are indeed less infections, but it can also be the result of lower numbers of people who decide to get tested”, said Luinstra-Passchier in a press conference last week.

Government is expected to give a press conferences on Tuesday with an update on the progress of the fight against Covid on Bonaire.

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