SEHCF confirms incident at hospital

ORANJESTAD- The St. Eustatius Health Care Foundation (SEHCF) confirms that an incident has taken place which has led Management to contact Police. 

“There has been an incident within SEHCF that has led us to contact the police authorities to perform an investigation. The outcome of the investigation resulted in identifying the person responsible for the incident. Considering the severity of the incident, we have reported the incident and the subsequent outcome of the investigation to the Inspectorate of Healthcare and Youth”, according to a press statement on Friday evening. 

According to the same statement, law authorities are handling this incident and are dealing with the person responsible for the incident.


Interestingly enough, the press release comes only after BES-reporter reported earlier on Friday about an incident involving the disappearance of several doses of Morphine at QBMC. 

There is unrest among parts of the staff because of the way the situation has been handled. It is being felt by some as if director Frank Rothweiler was trying to protect the suspect, who had recently been hired as a so-called Quality Nurse, from appropriate action or prosecution. 

Unconfirmed rumors could also be heard on Friday saying Hospital Management is trying to have the person in question flown out to The Netherlands on Sunday, as she would be ‘unwell’. 

Union Leader Charles Woodley was quite outspoken about the incident. “If the person brought in to bring back integrity to this institution conducts himself Rotweiler did, I have to wonder if he is the right person to hold this position at this point in time”. 

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