Six New Covid-infections on Bonaire

Kralendijk- After a few days with very few new infections and more people recovering, on Thursday there is a sudden new flare-up with 6 new positive cases, out of 36 people who got tested.

The new cases come just one day after governor Edison Rijna and Marinan Luinstra-Passchier from Public Health said the situation was very encouraging. It is good to keep in mind that Curaçao with 8 times the population of Bonaire has registered 2 consecutive days with zero new infections, out of more than 600 tests.

This shows the situation on Bonaire is still far from under control. As one case also recovered, the total number of infections on Bonaire now stands at 15.


According to dr. Luinstra, currently new infections target younger residents. “For some time now we have not seen a single infection in the group 60 years of age and older. What we are now seeing is young residents infecting one another”.

The doctor also referred to sometimes irresponsible behavior under younger residents and visitors, where one person infects a relatively large number of others.

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