Sneek on Statia’s Harbor: Better Utilization Needed

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Councilman Koos Sneek of the List Sneek is of the opinion that the harbor of St. Esutatius is currently underutilized. This is written in the Action Plan which Sneek has recently presented.

Sneek states that the harbor is most likely Statia’s most important asset when it comes to economic development. “Our harbor however is underutilized. The use of the harbor as a hub or transshipment port
for the surrounding islands has not sufficiently been explored. There is a plan from fourteen years ago to relocate the commercial harbor to Schotsenhoek”, according to Sneek.

Sneek also writes that the existing harbor can then be transformed with some minor adjustments into a harbor for yachting, small cruise ships
and to be developed as one of the islands tourism assets.


According to Sneek it would be good to reevaluate the Financial-Economic Analyses of Port Development and Beach Restoration which was executed by Haskoning in the year 2006.

A second important point of action would be to seek financing for this project through the recently established “Nationaal Groeifonds”.


Sneek also feels that the new tariff structure which was implemented with the new Harbor Ordinance might be a deterring factor. For this reason, Sneek proposes to reevaluate the Harbor Ordinance and the tariffs put in place, so that they can be adjusted if deemed necessary.

Finally Sneek indicates he feels that the harbor could be made more attractive. “To make the harbor more attractive for pleasure boating, facilities such as toilets and showers, the supply of gasoline, diesel and ice, and a sheltered area for visitors awaiting immigration and customs needs to be offered”.

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