St. Eustatius to get Faster and Cheaper Internet

Oranjestad, St. Eusatius- Residents on St. Eustatius may soon see faster and cheaper internet.

According to information on Statia Government’s website, Government and Eutel have managed to negotiate a better contract with Saba Statia Cable System B.V. (SSCS B.V.), which is -coincidentally- owned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom (BZK).

According to Government, in the coming months direct connections will be established between Statia and Miami, which is a major international Internet node, where Internet capacity is relatively cheaper. Statia will be connected via two routes to Miami so that if one connection is lost, the other route can take over, so-called ‘geographical redundancy’.


Later this year EUTEL N.V. will publish the new speeds and tariffs of the packages. According to parties, the higher speeds will make it possible for EUTEL N.V. to provide higher quality television.

This price reduction promised by EUTEL will be in addition to the recently announced increase of the subsidy from the Dutch Government of $25 to $35 on all Internet connections on Statia.

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