Statia Boat owners Angered by Restrictions

The dismayed boat owners today handed over a protest letter to the president of the IC’s Central Committee

Oranjestad- Boat owners in St. Eustatius are quite upset about restrictions imposed on them by authorities, when it comes to the transportation of passengers on their boat to Saba.

Traditionally, lots of residents of the island travel to Saba for Saba Day celebrations. “This tradition dates back generations before our time, medical referrals, business and pleasure trips have all been made possible through these services and the competence of our local fishermen”, according to the letter handed over to the Island Council Committee.

The boat owners point out that over time seamen on the island have mastered the art of navigating the regional waters and dispersed the secrets of the passages.

“We are humbly proud of our zero-casualty rate over the last five decades, and the countless voyages made too numerous to mention. Our grass roots buddy system keeps us accountable for and towards our fellow seamen and voyagers. All our vessels are equipped with the required safety gear. These services have proven to be efficient sustainable and have evolved based on modern technologies to trustworthy source of transportation”

Indigenous people

The boat owners, who describe themselves as the indigenous people of the island, call on the island council members as elected representatives of the people, to immediately stop what they describe as a ‘continuous assault aimed at disenfranchising the social economic reality recognized by our ancestors’.

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