Statia Commissioners will take Covid-19 Vaccine

Both Van Rij and Francis are strong proponents of vaccination against the Covid-19 vaccine. Photo: Government of Statia.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Government Commissioners Marnix van Rij en Alida Francis will be among the first in line to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

Both commissioners also form part of an information campaign pro vaccination. Their choice was, among others, shared on the Government’s Facebook Page, but also on their personal social media profiles.

“The vaccine against Covid-19 offers shelter and protection from this invisible storm”, according to Van Rij on his LinkedIn Profile. Van Rij also added that as a 60-year old he forms part of group at risk and that he believes that the vaccine is safe.

Van Rij writes on LinkedIn that he is grateful that the Ministery of Health Care (VWS) will send 1600 vaccines to St.Eustatius. “So far we were able to contain COVID-19 with a very strict travel-and quarantine policy. Since March, 11, 2020 we had 20 positive COVID-19 cases. The availability of the vaccines are very important for our island when we will enter into the next phase”.


Acting Government Commissioner Alida Francis expressed herself in similar words. “I fall in the high risk category. I am 55 years old, I have hypertension (high blood pressure) and my Body Mass Index indicates that I am overweight”.

Francis also states that she believes it is important to be part of a collective effort to stop the virus and its effect on the community. “I am not only protecting myself by taking the vaccine, but also others. And I believe in leading by example, something I have tried to do my whole life”, said Francis.


Other well-know faces which can be seen in the campaign are for instance Statia Marine Park Manager Jessica Berkel and STUCO-manager Fred Cuvelay. Over the coming days more testimonials of people willing to take the vaccine will be shared.

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