Statia Extensive Contact Tracing And Contact Sourcing Measurements

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Effective today, September 8th, the Public Entity of St. Eustatius will implement a number of measures in connection with the latest developments related to COVID-19. The measures will be in effect for 14 days. This is necessary to prevent further spreading of Covid-19 and to allow the Public Health Department to conduct thorough and extensive contact tracing and sourcing. The two weeks will also be used to analyze the Covid-19 virus situation on St. Eustatius.

The government advises everyone to wear facemasks, to adhere to social distancing of 1.5 meters and follow proper hygiene measures. The maximum number of persons allowed at social gatherings is 15. This measure applies to all types of gatherings and events. This includes gatherings within families, churches etc. which take place both outdoors and indoors. The government is reducing the number of persons arriving in Statia, who have to go into quarantine, to a maximum of 30 people (previously 60). In addition, the government will postpone the scheduled entrance of 12 essential workers and 5 returning Statians, that were planned for this week.

Measures are also taken in connection with closing schools, day care centers, afterschool services and sport facilities. They are all closed. Schools will organize distance learning and teachers are allowed to work from school if that is necessary. Shops and supermarkets are allowed to remain open, however, the number of persons that can enter the supermarket is limited: maximum 10 for large supermarkets and maximum 5 for small supermarkets and other shops. Loitering outside is prohibited. Bars and restaurants must be closed for the upcoming 2 weeks. Take out from restaurants is possible.

The government advises all workers to work from home if possible. If this is not possible, wearing a facemask, good hygienic measures and social distancing is required.

The airport remains open, but visitors are not allowed and picking up passengers must be done by one person. People to be placed in quarantine will be taken care of by the local health department (GGD). Cargo pick up in the harbor will be strictly regulated.

Contact tracing and contact sourcing
The Public Health Department started extensive contact tracing and contact sourcing yesterday and will continue doing so the upcoming two weeks. The day-to-day operations are put aside. Contact tracing and contact sourcing involves extensive interviews with an infected person. During the interviews, the Public Health Department determines with who the infected person was in contact over a 14 day period. This allows for an early detection of individuals who may have been exposed.

Anybody who has been off island recently is requested to self-monitor. If a person develops any of these symptoms, his/her house doctor must be informed. Where necessary, persons will be placed in quarantine.
If anyone was in direct or indirect contact with the infected person, please contact the Public Health Department. The emergency number 912 is temporarily not functional. Please dial 3184601 for questions.

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