Statia Government invests in industrial shredder & waste bins

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – The Public Entity of St. Eustatius recently purchased a new industrial waste shredder and new replacement garbage bins as an investment towards waste management to further improve the quality of the organization. 

The objective is to achieve growth within the Waste Management unit. The aim is to grow into a ‘green’ destination, which is attractive to eco-tourism. EJL Services BV on behalf of the Public Entity has enhanced waste management tremendously with projects such as car wreck removal, regular collecting of household waste and processing of waste in a systematized method through the new waste incinerator. The incinerator is scheduled to arrive on island by the last quarter of the year. Waste processing is part of Economy Nature and Infrastructure(ENI) approach to ‘going green’, as well as with green energy and environmental protection. 

The purchase of an industrial shredder and new replacement garbage bins is put in place to protect the environment when managing waste. The waste shredder machine will be utilized for recycling and is designed for waste processing applications. These machines can reduce various waste items that vary in dimensions, sort, weight and composition to uniform shape and size for more efficient processing, storing and transportation. 

“The new waste shredder arrived on the island at the end of last year. For the power source, a generator is necessary. When the generator arrives to the island, the new industrial waste shredder can be taken in use to make the waste management process more efficient,” said Director of Economy Nature and Infrastructure (ENI) Anthony Reid.

In addition, the Public Entity invested in exchanging the public garbage bins with the intention of having extra waste bins. These bins will be distributed in public areas and will be replaced with damaged ones with the goal that dumping illegally can be eliminated. “For a healthier environment, we would like to call on the general public for their support by taking appropriate care of the bins,” said Anthony. 

ENI is urging the community to contact St. Eustatius Waste Solution to report any broken garbage bins or containers. For replacement please call the office at +599-318-0616. 

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