Statia Government signs contracts with Outsourcing partners

In photo from left to right : Mrs. Jamilla Bennett (Director of Ben Lijf Partners ) , Goverment Commissioner Alida Francis, Sean Bennett ( Director of Ben Lijf Partners ) and David Ignacio.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – The Public Entity St. Eustatius signed a contract with both Ben Lijf & Partners and Exquisite Service Center for support in the human resource area. The companies will be assisting with the recruitment of professional staff and will provide administrative assistance.

Ben Lijf Partners and X’Quisite Service Center have supported the Public Entity since the start of this year. The two Directors of Ben Lijf Partners, Sean Bennett and Jamila Bennett, assisted with the preparation of contracts for new staff members and the outplacement of personnel on the levels of MBO, HBO and University, based on the criteria requested by the Public Entity. Astrid Mckenzie-Tatem as the Director of Exquisite Service Center provided the Public Entity during the past months with advice and support on the levels of HBO and University.

Dual sourcing

In total 7 companies signed up for the bid: 3 from Curaçao and 4 from Statia. The calculation done and evaluated by an anonymous commission concluded that both Ben Lijf Partners and X’Quisite Service Center won the tender bid after qualifying for the offer and scoring the best in the process. In this case a system called dual sourcing is applicable. Dual sourcing is the practice of using two different suppliers for a product, service, or component.

David Ignacio and Government Commissioner Alida Francis, together with Astrdi Tatem of X’Quisite.

The working agreement with the firms is for a period of 3 years with periodically evaluations. The Public Entity wishes both Exquisite Service Center and Ben Lijf & Partners much success and looks forward to a pleasant working relationship during the upcoming period.

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