Statia IC Fraction Support up in the air

The members of the Island Council after installation in October 2019.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- The plan to provide fraction support to the parties represented on Statia’s Island Council appears to be up in the air, now that Statia Government has communicated that there is no money on the budget to realize the long standing wish of the parties.

Island Council member Clyde van Putten is outraged about the delay in realizing the obligation of providing the fraction support. “We have been discussing this for the longest while, and it is something that is supported by all members of the Island Council”.

Van Putten also said he had issues with the current Government Commissioners, Van Rij and Francis. ‘They are acting as if THEY are elected by the people, rather than appointed by The Hague.

According to Van Putten there was a lot of talk under the law ‘Herstel voorzieningen St. Eustatius’, but when push came to shove, the desired support for the Island Council and matters of general interest of the people are not addressed. “These two commissioners are busy carrying out the Dutch and their own agenda which in many cases is in conflict with the culture of the indigenous of this island”.

Van Putten added that support for fractions is something very common in a Parliamentary Democracy. “Even in Dutch Municipalities, all factions have the necessary support. Why is this not the case for St. Eustatius”?


According to the councilman, lots of money is being spent on issues which are important to The Hague or the two commissioners, not not what is in the interest of the general well-being of the people of St. Eustatius.

“I consider the Commissioners disingenuous and dishonest when it comes to this matter”, said an angry Van Putten. Van Putten concluded in saying that if the matter of the fraction support was not concluded within a reasonable time frame, he would ’take the high road’ and withdraw all forms of cooperation with the Dutch appointed Commissioners.

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