STENAPA Plans Fun Activities during Whale Watching Event

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Whale season around Statia is approaching its peak, with sightings of whales, especially humpback whales, will become more and more frequent. On World Whale Day, Sunday February 20th from 2-5 pm, STENAPA is hosting a Fun Afternoon at the Miriam C. Schmidt Garden. This lookout spot is one of four main locations for spotting whales. Located nearby will be a tent with information, games, and the start of many fun activities. The activities include a Whale Trivia Challenge (get your answers from Fact Sheets placed around the garden), I Spy at the Garden (find and count items such as birds, butterflies, and trees), Nature Photography (capture the beauty of nature), Chalk Art of Whales (fun test of your skills), Tug o War (fun challenge), Whale Watching Bingo (easy to win if you see a whale!) and a Mom-and-Calf game (use two cords to move the calf from the bottom of the board, around holes, to the mother whale at the top).

To win the grand prize, one must eventually answer all the trivia questions correctly (multiple choice or true and false), have the shortest time in the Mom-and-Calf game and participate in at least 3 of the other activities. You will receive a card to track your activities and the winner will be determined on Monday, February 21st. Participate in most of the activities to get giveaways. Other activities such as painting conch shells are not included in the points, but feel free to do everything. 

The Grand Prize differs for the age groups: 18 years old and above will win a one-month subscription to the gym and pool. Younger ages will either win a tank top or stuffed whale toy from Golden Rock Dive Center. No matter the age, the winner will also receive a $10 coupon from Golden Rock Dive Center and a mug from STENAPA’s souvenirs. Giveaways include keychains from Rij’Statia Souvenirs, crocheted reusable makeup remover square, fridge magnets, stickers, and more!

Please note that attendees are asked to be cautious by observing social distancing and bringing along your face mask and hand sanitizers. Children younger than 12 require adult supervision. There is limited parking, so carpooling is recommended. Please bring your own snacks and beverages. We will, however, provide drinking water.

STENAPA asks that whale sightings and hearings be reported to The information needed includes the date, time species, number of individuals, location of the whales, and notes. Other information can include, state of the sea, what they were doing, if you saw a calf or juvenile, the direction they swam in, any unique markings and any photographs. Such sightings can also be added to

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