STINAPA Introduces Dive Tag of Recycled material

KRALENDIJK – The National Parks Foundation in Bonaire has ordered a dive tag for 2022, which is for the first time made from recycled material. The new tag is made of crushed waste wood.

The tag has been a popular souvenir for divers who visit Bonaire for years, but is also a collector’s item for local and international divers. “Stinapa has been looking for a tag of recycled material for years and we are happy with the product we have has now been ordered. The first tags which were received are being tested by our marine park rangers to see if they do indeed hold up well when used at sea”, according to the organization.

Since Stinapa has started collecting its mandatory Nature Fee via an online payment system, it is possible to collect the diving tag for free with a proof of payment at the headquarters of the foundation or at the entrance of the Washington Park.

The new tag will be available for collection from December 16, the start date of the sale of the Nature Fee 2022, at the mentioned locations and at some diving schools.

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