STINAPA Transporting Corals to Safety

Kralendijk – As the expansion of Karel’s pier is set to begin soon, STINAPA Marine Park Rangers and biologists are relocating corals from the construction zone to an area further north to give them a better chance of surviving. All the rangers were trained in this delicate procedure to minimize potential damage. Corals need sunlight to live because of tiny algae that live in the coral tissue that use sunlight to provide nutrition for themselves and the coral colony. Almost 80% of the energy a coral needs to survive comes from these algae. Therefore, indirectly from the sun. 

If they get covered by a pier, the colonies could die because they can’t grow very well in the shade. That is why they are strategically moving them to an area where they have a better chance of survival. STINAPA will be monitoring the transplanted corals and keep all of you updated. 

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