STUCO Status on Statia Water Projects

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – The execution works on the new drinking water transport line has recently commenced this past Saturday and is progressing steadily despite the obvious rainfall.

With the placement of this water transport line, transport will be hindered, presently on the Lodiweg and continuing along to Fort Oranjestraat. Simultaneously STUCO have begun trenching from the water plant along the bay front up through Glaes gut and back to Fort Oranjestraat.

They are urging your understanding and cooperation with respect to the hindrance to the flow of traffic during this time, all in the general interest and for the benefit the drinking water supply by STUCO. They look forward to completing this project in 2 months’ time.

The containers with the new water plant shall arrive next week Tuesday on the island, along with 3 personnel from the contracting party for installation and commissioning. STUCO looks forward to the production of drinking water from this new water plant in 2 months’ time.

The containers with the new storage tanks should be arriving on the island next week Tuesday as well. They are expecting 4 personnel from the contracting party on the island for installation and commissioning. It is expected to be completed in 2 months.

STUCO looks forward to bringing you regular updates on the progress as the projects move to completion.

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