Survey Spatial Development Plan Bonaire

Survey Spatial Development Plan Bonaire

Kralendijk – What do you think about your home and your neighbourhood? What are your housing needs for the coming years? Where do you work? Where do you go for relaxation? Which places on Bonaire do you value? These are a few questions that the R&D directorate of the Public Entity Bonaire asks for the new Spatial Development Plan Bonaire (ROB).

The Island Council established the ROB almost 11 years ago. This plan provides rules for the spatial planning of Bonaire, for example in which areas homes, businesses or hotels may be built. And it protects the natural areas.

The Spatial Development Plan Bonaire can be viewed at

A survey has been drawn up for a review of the ROB. Citizens can fill in this questionnaire until the end of August, so that the OLB has insight into what the Bonairean considers important. What the wants and needs are.

The results of the survey are included in the assessment of the current ROB. It takes about 10 minutes to fill in. Your contribution is very important.

The survey was written in Papiamento, Dutch and English. It can be entered here:

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