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Kralendijk – Since September 15th, the office of the Belastingdienst Bonaire, has been closed to the public due to a number of positive corona cases. From then until now, the Belastingdienst has remained accessible via telephone number 715 8585 and the e-mail address Because people could not physically go to the counter during this period, this e-mail address was inundated with questions that normally could have been answered at the counter.

In order to serve you even better, they have a new e-mail address, as of Monday October 12th, 2020, in addition to the helpdesk e-mail: . You can go to this address with any questions you would have liked to visit the counter of Belastingdienst with, such as:

-Questions about all types of declarations;
-Requests, such as: DIGI-D, Crib number, payment arrangement and deferment of payment;
-Changes, such as: reporting a change of bank account number and / or change of address;
-For all your Customs questions: legal aid statements, income statement.
-You can also make an appointment for a personal telephone conversation at no cost. The Belastingdienst will call you back then.

The e-mail address will remain available, but only for IT and online issues.

To physically hand in documents on Bonaire, you can also deposit them in the letterbox next to the main entrance of the office of the Belastingdienst. On Saba you can visit the office of the Belastingdienst, from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 2 PM. On St. Eustatius, from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 2 PM., but by appointment only. For an appointment you can call 3183325 or 3183326. A maximum of 2 people are allowed in at a time and a mouth mask is required.

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