The right fire extinguisher is of vital importance | Advertisement

You can often put out an incipient fire in your house yourself. But this is only possible if you are well prepared and have the right extinguishing equipment at home. Therefore, place a fire extinguisher or extinguishing blanket in case of emergency. This way you can prevent the fire from spreading quickly.

Did you know that

  • with some types of fire it is actually dangerous to extinguish with water?
  • you can use a extinguishing blanket to extinguish a person’s clothing when it has caught fire?
  • you cannot safely extinguish electrical appliances with water, but you can with a fire extinguisher?
  • a lot of damage can be prevented if you have a small extinguisher in the house?
  • by entering the BKCN quiz you can win one out of ten fire blankets? For more information about fire extinguishers and the quiz, visit
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