Three new ram goats for breed improvement Bonaire

Three new goats for breed improvement Bonaire
Photo caption: Commissioner Kroon supports the project and came to welcome the kids.

Kralendijk – Bonaire has gained three striking residents. Rambo, Ricky and Reggie have recently moved to the island. These three Ram goats recently arrived from the Netherlands with KLM.

The three goat bucks from the Netherlands are studbook Boergoats of 3.5 months old. In November the bucks are old enough to be deployed and the breed improvement program can start.

Each goat gets its own stable where 10 goats can be placed to be mated. Kunukero’s can bring the best mother goats from their herd to Service LVV. Beautiful lambs will emerge from the cross, which can be slaughtered within six months. The advantage for the kunukeros is that a better price can be asked for the high quality lamb meat.

This is a project of the Professionalization of Goat Farming in collaboration with the LVV Department. The project aims to offer goat farming a new future. Researchers from Wageningen University have drawn up an action plan. The goal is to create a win-win situation by combining economy and ecology: strengthening goat farming and goats within the fences. To strengthen goat farming, efforts are made to modernize the slaughterhouse, feed production, breed improvement, lamb meat production, goat management and safety.

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