Top performances MBO Bonaire

Kralendijk – For the second year in a row, MBO Bonaire was able to award a cum laude diploma at the graduation ceremony. This year the honor went to Annie Xie who completed her training as a Financial Administrative Assistant with excellent results. Annie will continue with her Business Administrator training in August. She is full of ambition to graduate for that course.

On MBO Bonaire it is also possible to complete a course at an accelerated pace. Students who show that they pick up the knowledge and skills easily during the first phase of their education may have the opportunity to complete their education a year faster than the rest of their class.

This year there are no fewer than ten students who have completed their education at an accelerated rate: Francisco Tavares da Silva (Sports and Recreation Employee), Angie Albarracin Cuevas (Company Administrator), Widjay de Windt (First Mechanic Electronic Installations), Mary-Clare Kirindongo (Allround Skilled Maintenance and Handyman Company), Jurdaily Ascencion, Francy Kock, Fabianne Pikerie, Cheyenne Tribhawansingh, India Spanner and Annie Xie (Financial Administrative Assistant)

A proud unit director Liset de Keijzer expressed her appreciation for all these top performances: “I am very proud of these students. They show ambition, perseverance, independence and go the extra mile to accelerate their studies and complete their studies with great results”.

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