Total Covid numbers Bonaire on the rise again

Kralendijk – On March 1st 2021, there are 25 active cases of Covid-19 on Bonaire. All active cases are habitants of the island. Yesterday 13 people were tested and the results of 4 people are positive. 1 person is recovered from Covid-19. There is 1 hospital admission due to Covid-19.

Get tested if you feel sick. It could take a while before you receive the results. Stay inside during this time period. Do not go outside before you get your results because you can infect other people. To bring the number of infections down and prevent infection with the Coronavirus it is important to maintain hygiene instructions such as keeping a social distance of at least 1.5 meters and washing your hands regularly with water and soap.

Do you have a fever, a sore throat or other complaints that might be related to Covid-19? Then stay at home and call 0800-0800. Apply hygiene instructions. Eat healthy, exercise and sleep sufficiently. Take care of yourself and those around you.

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