Tourism Corporation Bonaire Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Kralendijk – Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) celebrated its 30th anniversary on July 17th 2021. For this great milestone, TCB created a unique video that features Bonaire’s tourism growth throughout the years.

Bonaire has conserved its authentic assets from the past which can still be seen around the island today. This video highlights these important attributes such as, Fort Oranje, Mangazina di Rei, Slave Huts, Salt Flats, Tourism Office and more, which have become popular touristic sights today. They also included the local community and tourists. But most importantly, they featured TCB’s current representatives whom have been the driving mechanism for years and the present day.

With this video they like to honor the pioneers in the tourism industry who opened our eyes to new possibilities, the ones that made it all possible. Sometimes to rise, is to stand still and return to the origin. They are grateful for where they are today, but with a sharp eye for the future.

TCB would like to thank every partner, stakeholder and the local community who believed in them all these years and supported whenever they needed it. Now, it’s time to visualize and manifest the amazing days to come. The journey continues and so do they.

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