Ubuntu Wins Election on Statia; Charles Woodley Biggest Votegetter

Oranjestad- The Ubuntu Connected Front (UFC) has turned out the winner of the Dutch Parliamentary elections on St. Eustatius.

A total of 639 people on Statia cast their vote today. Of those, UCF achieved a total of 319 votes. The CDA, with among others Koos Sneek and Raymond Knops on its list achieved a total of 205 votes. 9 of the votes cast were invalid.

Charles Woodley has turned out to be the biggest votegetter on the island with a total of 204 votes, followed by Sneek with 117 votes, Raymond Knops with 82 votes and Carlos Lopes with 80 votes. On the UFC slate kandidate Ploeg achieved 2 votes, while on the CDA slate 6 votes went to other candidates, not being Sneek or Knops.

On a national level UFC did not play any role of importance and did not come even close to achieving a Parliamentary seat.


Although the campaign on St. Eustatius started relatively late, the 3 UFC candidates on St. Eustatius still brought on a relatively effective campaign. In the last parliamentary elections, Sneek was still the big winner. This is no longer the case.

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