Vessel in distress off the coast of Statia

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – In the afternoon on Wednesday, November 18th , around 3.20 PM, the police received a message that a vessel was in distress off the coast of St. Eustatius. The boat’s engine would have failed and it would also have started a fire. Also, the captain who was alone on the boat did not feel well. A local man took the police to the boat which turned out to be closer to the coast of St. Kitts than that of St. Eustatius. There was no fire on arrival at the boat. The tow of the boat was taken over by the tug of the terminal halfway. The captain was taken by ambulance to the hospitainer to do a COVID test and for medical examination. The man tested negative but had to remain on the boat in accordance with the emergency ordinance until he received news from the authorities.

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