Villa Carina first 3-star Blue Destination Property on Bonaire

Karin & Joland van den Eijnde receiving their award. Photo: Villa Carina

Kralendijk- Villa Carina Apartments is the first accommodation on Bonaire 3 star Blue Destination resort on the island. The small resort also received their Virus Aware Checked certification.

Karin and Joland of Villa Carina said they wanted to be an example for other smaller resorts. “It is really possible to reduce water waste, energy usage and the use and non-degradable waste like plastics.

Water reduction is achieved by a water storage of 15m3 and the old septic tank. In the tank water is collected from rain, waste water from the pool, waste water from3 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, and the water from rinse bins.

Waste is separated into cans, plastic, glass, paper and other waste. The resort also cleans with so called eco-friendly cleaning products.


“We have a small solar system with batteries that will provide power the lights of all porches and it is also used for lighting outside” say Karin and Joland.

The resort also actively tries to promote cultural events and local restaurants with their guests. Last but not least, guests are informed about the nature tag and coral-safe sun screens.

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