Web Drink Water Plant Construction Update

Web Drink Water Plant Construction Update

Kralendijk – Water -en Energiebedrijf Bonaire (WEB ) would like to take a moment and update all residents of Bonaire regarding the construction of the new water plant for the community. The water plant is completely tested, approved and commissioned. Currently the new drink water plant provides about 50 % of all drink water on Bonaire. By the end of September WEB will be able to produce 100% of drink water for the island of Bonaire.

They are also pleased to report that the collaboration with the manufacturer IDE Technologies, the world leader in water – treatment solutions, and all of contractors and subcontractors have delivered and continue to deliver a suburb job on this project. Despite the challenges of working remotely through the COVID -19 pandemic, this group continued to work together to ensure the progress of new drink water plant never got delayed.

As WEB provided guidelines on how to work safely while complying with all COVID -19 measures in order for construction to continue, even during times of lockdown on the island. Working together at the construction site at times meant to be 1.5 meters apart.

The new drink water plant will be able to produce 7.200 M³ drinking water on a daily bases and is a modular plant. This means that as Bonaire continues to grow the plant can easily grow with the growing demand by adding units when and if necessary.

The new drinking water plant is energy efficient, sustainable and a chemical free plant.

WEB is mindful of the natural environment, that is why they make sure not to use chemicals in the drinking water plant and they make sure that there is no difference in temperature between the water that is send back to the ocean and the ocean water temperature. This is how they help to protect the marine life in our coastal areas.

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