WEB temporarily closes office in Playa Bonaire

Kralendijk -Recently WEB received information from official channels that a colleague tested positive for COVID –19. This is a colleague that works at their main office in Playa.

This colleague does not have direct contact with customers, and the last
day this colleague was briefly at work was on Monday, January 4th. As of
Monday January 4th WEB has taken all the measures recommended by the
Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) in order to minimize the possibility of
spreading the virus.

WEB management has taken the decision to close the main
office at Playa tomorrow Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of January for
customers. This in order to start with the process of additional cleaning with the assistance of the Public Health Department if necessary.

Monday January 11th their main office will be open again for customers,
in the meantime the colleagues who were in direct contact with the infected
college will have their COVID – 19 tests and will follow recommendations
by the Public Health Department.

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