WINAIR’s Captain Rodger Hodge retires

Philipsburg – After 30 years of service with WINAIR Captain Roger Hodge is retiring. Captain Hodge began his career with WINAIR in 1990 thru 2020, Rogers 30 years of service in WINAIR flight department, beginning as a first officer progressing through the ranks quickly to become the most senior Captain. His many accomplishments as a training instructor, check airman and most importantly sharing his knowledge thru tutoring and developing junior pilots, providing the example of what it means to be a pilot. Captain Hodge, a pillar in the flight department, provided all WINAIR staff the example of how they can better work together for a common goal. His passion, commitment and love of flying complimented his work. This resulted in him taking people under his wing, sharing his knowledge and skill resulting in many being better employees and people. It is time now for Captain Hodge to enjoy a very well-deserved retirement, but knowing the Captain, he will always available and continue sharing his experiences with the younger generation, always inspiring people to develop themselves. WINAIR would like to say thank you to Roger for your years of dedicated service!

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