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Woman (Bonaire) gets 10 years for murder of male Partner

Kralendijk- On January 29, D.R. was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stabbing to death of her ex-partner.

The Court of First Instance based the conviction, among other things, on the statement of a witness who said D.R. was almost constantly in the vicinity of the victim, as well as the confession of D.R herself.

From the moment of her arrest – the same day as the manslaughter – she has always maintained that she has stabbed her ex-partner. She herself never said that there were others there.

Lawyer of D.R. felt that this confession should be called into question, because the victim would have said “Rasta” in his last moments.

On the basis of the confession, the testimony and the other evidence – the cause of death, blood traces – the judge determined that D.R. inflicted the deadly stab wound.

A possible justification for her act – the victim would have been the first to grab a knife – was rejected by the judge.


The Public Prosecutor’s office expresses the hope that with this conviction, rumors about the course of events in this case, will come to an end about a alleged involvement of others in the victim’s death.

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