World Bank wants to see Continuity at SXM Airport

A view of the temporary departure hall at SXM-Airport. Photo: BES-Reporter

Philipsburg- The Worldbank wants to see continuity at the Princess Juliana International airport. A letter indicating the importance of adequate leadership was sent by the institution to the Government of St. Maarten.

The Bank writes that as lender, they have a responsibility to provide recipients of such financing with information about any issue that may impact successful project implementation. In this context, the World Bank recently communicated with the Government of St. Maarten concerning the Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project.


In their statement the World Bank emphasizes the requirement of adequate technical and managerial staffing and capacity at the Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company (PJIAE), particularly as major activities are being launched under the project.

“In line with the Project Agreement, the Government is responsible to ensure the presence of needed capacity at PJIAE throughout the period of project implementation”.

The letter of the World Bank seems to be a reaction to insistence by certain bodies that CEO Brian Mingo be replaced.


The Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project (US$72 million) is co-financed by the EIB (US$50 million) and implemented by the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) and by PJIAE. It aims to restore the capacity of Princess Juliana International Airport and to increase its resilience to natural disasters. The airport is a critical gateway for Sint Maarten’s economy and a vital connectivity hub for the region.

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