World Food Day Saba Lions Club

Lion Rudolph Hassell and Chef Marie Petit preparing the containers.

The Bottom, Saba – October 16, 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of World Food Day and aims to raise awareness on the issues behind poverty and hunger. 2020 also marks the 10th Anniversary of the Meals on Wheels program of the Saba Lions Club.

The COVID-19 global health crisis is a time to reflect on things that we truly cherish. These uncertain times has made the Saba Lions Club even more aware that we must appreciate the one thing that some take for granted : food. Food is the essence of life and preserving access to safe and nutritious food -especially for the vulnerable citizens of Saba- is an essential part of one of the core projects of the Saba Lions Club. The Meals on Wheels program aims to support approximately 50 vulnerable seniors per day and the program is focussed to keep older Saba citizens safe and nourished in our community. Especially now, with the uncertainty due to COVID-19, the
Meals on Wheels program seems to be needed more than ever!

The Meals on Wheels program provides a healthy and diverse diet which contributes to a healthy life. Whenever they can, the Meals on Wheels chooses locally grown fresh food and also grows vegetables and herbs in their own ‘garden’. Arebella Hassell has been with the program basically since the beginning of the program and the first meals were served
on September 13, 2010!

The Saba Lions Club is very grateful that, together with our stakeholders, we have been able to reach the 10th anniversary of the Meals on Wheels program and wish for many more years to come. “In a moment like this”, Lion Carl Buncamper stated, “it is more important than ever to recognise the need to support our stakeholders throughout the food system who are making sure that food makes its way from farm to fork even amid
disruptions as unprecedented as the current COVID-19 crisis.”

The Meals on Wheels program is funded by the Public Entity Saba(75%), individual contributors (local and international) as well as by the Saba Lions Club. The Saba Lions Club collaborates with the Saba Health Care Foundation (doctors and nurses), the Community Development Department, and the Benevolent Foundation. The Saba Lions Club also works closely with the local supermarkets as it relates to supplies.

Next to the Meals on Wheels program, the Saba Lions Club also provides monthly food baskets to the vulnerable children of Saba.

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