Bonaire Executive Council sends letter to question changes in tax rates

In the most recent turn of events, the MPB party of Elvis Tjin-Asjoe has withdrawn support of the present coalition
Bonaire Executive Council sends letter to question changes in tax rates

KRALENDIJK- As ABC Online Media understands, a letter from the Executive Council is on its way to the brand new State Secretary for Kingdom Relations, Alexandra van Huffelen, expressing dissatisfaction about the unexpected implementation of changes in the tax-free allowance and the elderly allowance from Januari 1, 2022.

In the letter, the Executive Council points out that they have not been informed about the imminent changes. There was, however, an announcement in the Government Gazette on December 28 of last year, but the BC subtly notes that it does not live every day.

In the letter, the Executive Council also points out that an increase in the tax burden is at odds with the efforts to reduce the poverty problem on the islands as much as possible. In addition, the BC would point in the letter to the fact that the newly appointed Rutte IV Cabinet has promised that no citizen will rely on it in purchasing power.

Net wage decrease

With the implementation of the lower tax-free amount and the lower amount of deduction for the elderly, there are indeed residents on the BES islands who have less left at the end of the month than before the turn of the year.


ABC Online Media on Wednesday has sent a total of nine questions to the Tax Inspectorate about the implemented changes and their consequences. Until Thursday night, no answers had been received. 

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