General Practitioners electronically linked to Mariadal Pharmacies on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Fundashon Mariadal and the General Practitioners Association Bonaire recently signed an agreement enabling electronic prescription traffic on Bonaire. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the service and safety of pharmaceutical care on the island.

From now on, general practitioners have the option to electronically send prescriptions to the Mariadal Pharmacies (Botikas) with a simple click. This means that patients no longer need to personally visit the pharmacy to submit their prescriptions. Upon receiving the prescription, the pharmacy ensures that the medications are prepared, and they can be picked up the next working day from 3:00 PM onwards. This more efficient process results in significantly reduced waiting times for patients.

Initially, the Centro Medico Central (CMC) and the Bonaire Medical Center (BMC), along with Mariadal specialists, were among the first to embrace this innovative method. However, with the recent expansion, it is now available to all general practitioner practices on the island. The implementation of this project was carefully prepared by a working group consisting of general practitioners, members of Primary Care Caribbean, pharmacists from both Botika Sabana and Mariadal, and the ICT department of Mariadal.

By the end of this year, the track and trace system will also come into operation. This allows pharmacies to send an email or SMS to patients when the medication is ready for pickup. This integrated approach contributes to a streamlined and customer-friendly experience within healthcare on Bonaire.

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