Good attendance for test tinted windows

Photo: OLB

Kralendijk – A total of 423 drivers on Bonaire voluntarily had their car windows tested to see how much light can pass through. The tests took place over the weekend. The Eilandsraad decided last week that car windows should pass 35% light from 1 March.

On Saturday, February 29, 127 drivers had their windows tested in Rincon. On Sunday, March 1, 296 drivers in Playa. In Rincon, 116 of the 127 car windows tested did not meet the standard to pass 35% light. In Playa, 261 of the 296 tested cars did not meet the standard. The test was provided by KPCN, officials from the OLB were also present to answer questions about the windows. The OLB will work with the police to see if citizens will soon be able to get the chance to have their car windows tested In the photo you can see an impression of the test.

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