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Government: Still no PCR test required to fly from Bonaire to Amsterdam

Kralendijk- According to the Government of Bonaire, it is still not required to undergo a PCR test in Bonaire in order to travel to The Netherlands.

A press release from the Dutch Government earlier on Wednesday suggested that the requirement for a negative PCR test would be required from all travelers, including Dutch nationals, starting on December 29, 2020.

A clarification about the new rule and its implications could at first not be obtained from local Government. At around 10 PM however, Government put out a statement indicating that the PCR test requirement would (still) not apply for departure from Bonaire.

According to MD Luinstra-Passchier from the Public Entity, the new rule implemented by the Dutch Government has to do with concerns about a new strain of the Covid-19 virus discovered in among others the United Kingdom and South Africa.

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