Letter to the Editor: “14 day Quarantine From Curacao is Baffling”

The recent decision to enforce a 14 day quarantine on travelers from Curacao is baffling.

In the last 7 days the Netherlands has had an average of 1,382 new cases, or 8.13 new cases per 100k. Curacao, interestingly, has had an average of 13 news cases, or 7.44 new cases per 100k. Yet travelers from the Netherlands are not required to quarantine?

Unfortunately I was unable to find a R-rate for Curacao, but I did find that information for the Netherlands. Currently (20/09/2020) the R-rate in the Netherlands is 1.29, which means that every 100 people will infect 29 more. Interestingly, the R-rate median across the entire US is 1.03, with the lowest being .81 and the highest 1.25. Even if we use the highest R-Rate, it is still not 1.29? Yet TUI are increasing flights in October from a country where the virus is growing a faster rate than even the US?

It seems that the R-rate is not important and neither is the number of new cases per 100k.  What then is the criteria for allowing flights, only requiring COVID test, and requiring quarantine? 

Why the need to quarantine for Curacao, when the risk is higher from the Netherlands when only a test is required? Why not open to the US, the R-rate is lower? Third, if neither of these are acceptable, then why are we still open to the Netherlands?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Peter McNiff

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