Statia delegation heads to The Netherlands for Key Conference on BES Act Revision

Government Commissioner Alida Francis with the delegation. Photo: Statia Government

ORANJESTAD – A delegation comprising members of the Island Council, Executive Council, Registrar’s Office, and Office of the Island Secretary is in the Netherlands for a three-day work conference which begins today.

During the 4-6 March conference, Statia Government will present its position on the revision of Public Entities Act BES and the Public Entities Finance Act BES, alongside delegations from Saba and Bonaire.

Statia’s position, which includes input from the various government bodies, has been summed up in a report consisting of 12 key points. This report serves as the Statia Government’s official response, and was unanimously ratified at an extraordinary meeting of the Island Council on Wednesday 28 February 2024. It will be made available for public viewing on the government website.

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