Tourism sector demands new traffic policy 

KRALENDIJK – The growth of residents and visitors on Bonaire leads to a substantial increase in traffic and parking pressure. The tourism sector on Bonaire therefore believes that the quantity of infrastructure needs to be looked at and considers addressing traffic bottlenecks important. 

Bonhata (Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association) as representative of this sector on the island, proposes to have a thorough traffic study included in the new Spatial Development Plan Bonaire (ROB). Although a Traffic Plan from 2011 exists, it is no longer relevant to the current growth that will continue in the coming years. Based on a thorough traffic study, a new traffic plan will have to be drawn up, in which several aspects will have to be included, such as the quality of the roads and a multi-year maintenance plan. 

Substantial increase in traffic

The quantity of roads also leads to problems. The significant increase in traffic and parking pressure is particularly evident in the center of Kralendijk. There are a number of bottlenecks and especially during the morning and evening rush hour traffic jams occur. Solutions to the increase in traffic include a bypass or the construction of additional traffic circles for better circulation. 


Attention must also be paid to the limited number of parking spaces in the center. In addition, the new traffic plan should include a vision for public transport, bicycles and bicycle paths. In addition, when building new facilities such as stores, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, careful consideration should be given to the extra traffic and parking volume and appropriate solutions should be provided.  

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