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Adelka Spanner (DP): ‘Obstruction of progress with Social Housing bad for island

Adelka Spanner (DP): 'Obstruction of progress with Social Housing bad for island
A social housing unit, after renovation to serve as example of a bigger renovation project.

ORANJESTAD- Councilwoman Adelka Spanner is worried that personal agendas of certain fractions is working against the general intererst, when it comes to the issue of Social Housing on St. Eustatius.

According to Spanner, working in the general interest of the people of Statia sometimes means that choices must be made between colliding goals. Spanner notes that the desire to sell low income homes to some occupants is conflicting with the plans to renovate these homes and obstructing the construction of new low income homes on Statia.

“Instead of choosing to renovate and build the PLP faction in the Island Council has clearly chosen to obstruct and stagnate the process. This is evident from their motion of the 13 of January which according the Government Commissioner if executed would nullify all agreements with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom relations, the Statia Housing Foundation (SHF), Bazalt Wonen and the Public Entity:, according to Spanner in a press statement on Wednesday.

Spanner warns that the PLP’s stance on the issue literally means no renovations and no new houses. The Government Commissioners have decided to put the motion aside and continue her efforts to seek to renovate the 95 low income houses and build 50 new ones.


Spanner protests to what she calls the obstruction of the faction of the PLP when the party on September 20th rejected two ordinances seeking to regulate the local rental housing market and provide considerable future income to the Statia Housing Foundation. “Even if there was no Government Commissioner or intervention the houses can only be sold for market value with the advice of the CFT and approval of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Kingdom relations according to article 10 of the FinBES”, accroding to Spanner.

“You cannot sell the houses solely based on a political promise the decision must be properly substantiated and carried out in accordance with the law. Pursuing the sale of the houses is impeding the improved living conditions that comes with renovated houses and additional houses”, says Spanner. 

Spanner says she feels that while low income houses are being constructed on Bonaire and Saba, on Statia some parties appearantly choose to obstruct the process. “Thinking on the improved living conditions for 95 families and new affordable homes for 50 families I must question whether we are truly working in the best interest of the people of Statia””, says Spanner in conclusion.

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