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Central Dialogue pleased with Extension of Emergency Package

Participants to the Central Dialogue in March 2020

Kralendijk – Bonaire’s Central Dialogue is pleased that the cabinet of the Netherlands has heeded the request of the central dialogues of Bonaire and St. Eustatius to extend the emergency support measures for the Caribbean Netherlands.

Additionally, the cabinet has adopted the suggestions of the central dialogues to expand the current package with certain measures already applicable in European Netherlands, as well as customizing the measures based on the specific situation of the islands.

The Central Dialogue is the consultative platform of employers, labor unions, the Chamber of Commerce and the local government, with participation of the unit Social and Labor Affairs (SZW) of the RCN in an advisory role. This consultative body is active in its current form since November 2018. After the start of the corona crisis and due to travel restrictions from the Netherlands, commissioner Elvis Tjin-Asjoe was asked to temporarily fulfill the role of acting vice-president. During the meetings presided by commissioner Tjin-Asjoe, it was decided to form two taskforces. One taskforce dealt with the emergency support measures and provided input for the joint letter of the central dialogues with the proposals which have now been adopted by the cabinet. The second taskforce is working on social and economic recovery scenarios in preparation for the re-opening of the island. 

Year end?

The central dialogues of Bonaire and of St. Eusstatius requested an extension of the emergency package until the end of the year. Although the cabinet has decided to extend the measures until October 12, the Central Dialogue of Bonaire hopes that it could still consider extending the measures until year-end if the situation requires, depending on how matters continue to develop. 

“Thanks to the good collaboration and decisive action within the Central Dialogue, we managed to rapidly analyze all existing measures and were able to communicate the needs of the employers as well as labor sector in a convincing manner”, said Tjin Asjoe. “We are glad that the cabinet has listened and taken action on our proposals. It again demonstrates the strength of this form of collaboration.”

Tjin Asjoe expressed the conviction that the support measures and conditions will contribute effectively to a balanced re-start of economic activity once it is responsible to re-open Bonaire for visitors.

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