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Discrepancies in Labor Conditions Saba and RCN ‘unfair’

Saba delegation presents issues of importance to Dutch Parliament

The Bottom, Saba- The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba is critical about a decrepancy between the labor conditions for employees at the public entity level and those of the Central Government Organization, RCN. This, among other matters, was addressed by Commissioner Bruce Zagers during a recent visit to The Hague.

“Sometimes it seems as if RCN operates at a “superior level of government” and does not face the same financial constraints as the Public Entity. This disparity between how the two governments operate is alarming and creates significant attention”, according to Zages


The Commissioner gave a number of examples. RCN can afford to send several workers from Bonaire to Saba and Statia to install new furniture whereas the Public Entity Saba can’t afford to buy furniture.

RCN employees are placed on ministry-level scales whereas local government workers are in municipal level scales. “There is a significant difference in not only the value of the scales but also the ranking of positions. RCN workers who work in the Caribbean get paid significantly more than someone who works for the Public Entity in a similar position.”

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